With bunny Dixie’s last set of babies, we decided to keep one of the females for additional breeding stock. Now as you know, our bunnies are Giant Flemish – they are some man sized bunnies – and this girl was certainly no different.  Fully grown she is larger than both […]

Well… here we are with 2016 fast coming to an end….. Christmas is over for another year, I am using up some holidays I had left over from this year and I am chilling at home until after New Years.   It’s been snowing for the last few days and we […]

I think some of my new country friends don’t really understand just how much of a big city girl I have always been.  Since they have only seen my country self… I don’t think they can truly understand the changes that have come with this move for me.  I mean, […]

Well…… we have managed to get to the end of November without a major snow fall!  The different generations on this lovely piece of land are reacting a bit differently to that. Chuck and I are – Whew! Thank goodness….. not yet!   Fallon and Darren…… totally bummed!  They have visions […]

  So, since I was so honest with how things went with the garden, I thought I would bring you up to date on how we did with the various baby birds we brought on board in the spring!!  I am proud to say WE ROCKED IT!!!   Not a […]

Hitting into late July and early August, I am thinking that… really, not too much to do around here but watch the garden and the animals grow, and spend some time with great friends and family that come to visit.  It’s a fun time for sure.  However, little known to […]